Case Results

Case Results

Arlington Heights Criminal Defense Attorney

Aggravated DUI

Our client was accused of causing the death of another while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. At trial, we successfully argued that our client’s driving was not the proximate cause of the accident which led to the death of the other person. Our client was acquitted of all felony charges.

First Offender DUI, Second Offender DUI, and Multiple DUI

On numerous occasions, on first offender DUIs, second offender DUIs and multiple offender DUIs, I've contested either the initial stop or the arrest of the defendant by the arresting officer, resulting in motions to suppress being granted and the case being dismissed. When these findings have been challenged on appeal by the prosecution, I've prevailed there too. On numerous occasions I've contested the statutory summary suspension and prevailed. On numerous occasions, on felonies and misdemeanors, I’ve gone to trial and won. The key is finding the weakness in the prosecution’s case and exploiting it. Is it the initial stop? An unlawful search or seizure? Attacking the portable breath test or the breathalyzer result? The crime lab results? Do we need an expert, and, if so, who’s the right one? I've handled all varieties of these issues, again and again, in Cook, Lake, McHenry, and Du Page Counties. Knowledge and experience equals expertise and results.

Driver's License Reinstatement

Not every DUI case will be won. After a second DUI, a conviction is entered, and driving privileges are revoked. When that happens, a revoked driver has to go to the Administrative Hearings Department of the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office for a hearing in which to request reinstatement of driving privileges. Fifteen years ago, I started doing this work to help my clients put their lives back together. Winning is fun and drives a good attorney. Helping people restore their lives is extremely gratifying and better than winning. I've handled literally hundreds of Secretary of State Hearings. I've taken on the cases where revoked drivers had been denied relief on multiple previous occasions even when they had attorneys. I’ve prevailed. My clients drive.

Residential Burglary

Our client was accused of burglarizing a home. The entire case depended on the strength of the identification of our client by the eyewitness. Our skillful cross examination of the eyewitness resulted in an acquittal.


Our client was employed by a large business and accused of stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise. Not content with what the police put in their reports as to how the thefts occurred, we conducted our own investigation, hiring our own investigators to interview and re-interview witnesses. When we able to show that other individuals were actually the culprits responsible for the thefts, the case was dismissed on the day of trial.


Our client was accused of stealing almost a hundred thousand of dollars from his employer. Our own forensic accounting investigation revealed that this figure was much less, resulting in a sentence of probation, which upon completion, also resulted in a dismissal.

Again, our client was accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from an employer. Our investigation and quick assertion of our client’s right to remain silent resulted in our client not even being charged.

First Degree Murder

Our client was accused of first degree murder. We were successfully able to suppress our client’s confession. When the matter ultimately went to trial, our client was acquitted the testimony of an eyewitness to the crime notwithstanding.