Client Testimonials

Arlington Heights Criminal Law Attorney

I hired Scott Anderson as my attorney to defend me in my DUI case August of 2014. I had no valid drivers license at the time I was arrested and no way of getting one for I am an illegal immigrant. I was facing felony charges and possible deportation if I was convicted on these charges. Scott Anderson was realistic with me from the start and warned me that a case like mine would be hard to win. Scott Andersons was able to bring down my charges down from a felony to a misdemeanor and I walked away with only fines and a few counseling classes. I honestly could not have picked a better attorney. Scott Anderson was always available for any of my questions and concerns through a quick phone call or text message. I have no doubt he put a great deal amount of work into my case.

Mr. Anderson took my case and turned it upside down. I was accused of DUI. which wasnt true. After taking the time to review the tape with the State Attorney. Convinced them I was completely innocent of all charges. Unheard of for my knowledge. What a great representative Mr. Anderson was to have! Not only will I use Mr. Anderson again if I need his services. I would recommend Mr. Anderson to anyone in need. -William

I was very lucky to have Mr. Anderson represent me in my time of need. When you need to find an attorney, it can be a very serious and stressful situation. Ill say right off the bat, I would highly recommend you quit looking around for other attorneys and, let Mr. Anderson stand up for you. I would never suggest anything wrong in a serious situation. Mr. Anderson not only exceeded my expectations, he went above and beyond everything I hoped for. I truly thank him for everything he did to help me. After a long and extremely stressful moment in my life he did such a perfect and professional job. Ill never forget, and never be able to express the amount of gratitude I owe him. Thank you for everything Scott. You are and always will be the BEAST in my eyes. Thank you again.

My experience with Scott was excellent. He consistently and frequently kept me updated with important information regarding my case and went out of his way to try to be sure that the outcome of my case was the best case scenario. He was always timely and was almost always available when I needed information. The result of the case was extremely favorable and I would absolutely recommend anybody reading this choose Scott for a lawyer. -Clay

A few years ago, I was falsely accused of battery, which exposed a 20 year old warrant for multiple DUI convictions and jail time I skipped out of. I landed in Cook County Jail. Fortunately, I called Scott Anderson for help. His calm demeanor and confidence gave me reassurance as I sat in jail, waiting my appearance before a judge. Mr. Anderson gave a passionate argument for my immediate release. The State’s Attorney wanted me in jail. Mr. Anderson’s knowledge and experience got me out with only serving less than 1/10th of my original sentence. He then defended me on the battery charge. Mr. Anderson then helped direct me to what I needed to do to reinstate my driving privileges. Scott worked with me, I did the things required, and in time Mr. Anderson was again expertly and successfully representing me in front of a hearing judge. I could not be happier with the results I have gotten from Scott’s representation. He was worth every dollar I spent and I have recommended Mr. Anderson to friends. -Steve

Scott Anderson made the entire process smooth for me. From understanding the case to helping me close the case. He was able to answer any questions and explain all my options to me, but most importantly, let me choose the route and he supported it. -Vu

I retained the services of Scott Anderson to represent my defense in a DUI case. Within minutes of our initial introduction, I knew I had found the legal defense partner that would maximize the probability of a favorable and / or fair outcome in my case. Scotts legal acumen combined with an authentic interest in my personal well being, in and out of the courtroom, put me at ease while working through the various legal proceedings. Most importantly, I feel Scott represents himself with a high degree of integrity and I always felt very confident and comfortable with his guidance, as the source of his guidance was both intellectually sound and genuine. I highly recommend Scott as a competent, trustworthy attorney that prides himself on managing to the best possible outcome for his clients. -Dave

I known Mr. Anderson thru my brother two years ago. Since I have to give my brother a ride to his office I have to sit on Scotts Office for hours and at the trial and we won the case. I was very astonish the way he treated the case going on every small detail and at the end my brother ended up wining. During the years I have been involved on so many cases so I am always in need of good attorneys. I feel so comfortable with Mr. Anderson so at any case after I feel obligated to ask him first for the advice. Keep up the good work Thank You. -Alfred

You need a lawyer at the worst time. Telling the truth Mr. Anderson was recommended from a friend of mine and I am not going to hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need. Professional, honest and upfront guy. This is the attorney you need even if you think is out of his field. -Arian

Scott provides excellent advice and representation! We were devastated by some of the choices our son made and Scott was a perfect advocate for us. He worked diligently on our case and demonstrated high ethical standards. Scott has superior knowledge of the law and legal system negotiating appropriately and was very persuasive in court. He was patient with all our questions and informative on proceedings. I highly recommend Scott for any legal issue.

Provided excellent guidance in a case that would have had devastating effects in my career and life. He was caring and attentive. Always available for advice. The outcome would not have been positive without his help.

I met Scott through a different attorney for an unlawful stop case he helped beat the case. He also helped me get my DRP on the first try. He is very professional walks you through everything thats going to happen and hes very honest. Ive been his client for 2 years now and will continue to recommend everyone from family members to friends and associates for his services. -Jose

Scott Anderson defended me in a first offense DUI case 4 years ago. Essentially, he won the case for me twice. In the first instance, he built my defense on his own investigation that produced facts contradictory to the arresting officers statement. Because it was a first offense, I was terrified. In addition, there were some personal extenuating circumstances that Scott handled with much sensitivity and discretion. I felt completely assured of his ability and determination to fight the charges for me. He was professional, knowledgeable and composed at the hearing. He also grilled the arresting officer; I was impressed by his passion to argue my case. After winning the initial motion to quash arrest and evidence, the prosecution appealed the case, to my dismay. Scott never gave up; he detailed the appeals process and what I could expect going forward. He was outcome oriented and continued to defend me at the appellate level, in which we eventually prevailed once again. Throughout the entire time, he was happy to take my calls, answer my questions and provide me with several other similar cases as comparisons. He was extremely thorough in his research and arguments, immensely experienced and intelligent, and above all, compassionate for my fears and anxieties. He accomplished my objectives and prevented me from being convicted of DUI. This very emotional and difficult experience changed my life - I have Scott Anderson to thank for everything he did on my behalf and its success. I would highly recommend him as a lawyer with an incredible amount of expertise in this area. -Bethany

Wonderful lawyer very knowledgeable in a real problem case like mine. Handled it with great care and understanding. I recommend him to a member of my family and was professional and really helped her out of a big problem. Truly a trust worthy lawyer.

July 3rd 2014 I was hit on my motorcycle by a car coming home from fireworks, luckily alright other than my passenger and I both had scrapes and bumps, I figured it would be a routine shes gonna get the ticket my bike is gonna get towed with a taxi or police ride home, not the case at all they arrested me, I was not drinking and treated like a criminal, I am 50, own my own company and was appalled at the way I was treated, I then got angry and refused to do all of there B.S. I was the victim, the kids that hit me, Scott Free! Anyway after a night in Jail I contacted Scott Anderson, A referral from a friend. His ability as a lawyer both in and out of court was comforting, His knowledge, intelligence, character, integrity and the ability to take care of my legal needs in a manner that was professional and compassionate was key to have the entire case dismissed and thrown out of court. He has a lifetime of referrals from me and saved me a lot of time, money and embarrassment. A Great man. -Jim

Scott said he would get my case dismissed and he delivered. He was familiar with my situation and confident he could get the job done. He let me know exactly how the process would go and it was spot on.