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A criminal charge is a crossroads event for most people. Even minor felony or misdemeanor convictions can have a detrimental impact that lasts for years or even decades. Even a positive result, be it a favorable trial verdict or a better than expected negotiated settlement, brings a feeling of relief that is difficult to describe. There is a very narrow margin in criminal cases, and a skilled attorney is nearly always the difference between the two paths.

If you have been charged with a crime in Illinois, there is no substitute for an experienced lawyer who is familiar with all phases of a criminal trial. Attorney Scott F. Anderson is a prime example. He has dedicated his practice to criminal law for the past 25 years. During that time, he has effectively handled thousands of cases, either by obtaining positive results at trial or deftly negotiating a favorable pretrial settlement with prosecutors. At the Law Offices of Scott F. Anderson, we believe that a successful practice is built one case at a time, just like a successful case is built one piece of evidence at a time.

What We Do

While every case is different, we use a common approach to deal with a wide range of criminal matters in and around the Chicago Metropolitan area. At our law firm, we routinely handle the following types of cases:

Our Approach

A criminal case begins with the arrest. Legally, officers must have reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop or other contact, and probable cause for a subsequent arrest. Any evidence obtained must meet strict legal requirements. These rules apply to all types of evidence, from physical evidence to verbal statements. Noncompliance at any point may cause the case to be thrown out later. Arrestees have a right to reasonable bail.

Once the case goes to court, there are formal charging instruments, mostly an indictment or information. While these documents do not need to be perfect and error-free, judges have very little tolerance for charging instruments that are poorly drafted or based on improper evidence. Later, an attorney can challenge evidence in court to have a case thrown out or take the case to trial. At such a proceeding, if even one juror believes that there is a reasonable doubt as to any element of the offense, the jury cannot return a guilty verdict. Furthermore, at almost any phase, an attorney can negotiate with prosecutors to obtain reduced charges or reduced penalties.

We are prepared to represent you aggressively in negotiations or at trial. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, take control of the situation by scheduling a free consultation with Scott F. Anderson today. Contact us online or call us now at 847-253-3400. Evening and weekend hours are available by appointment.