Sex Crimes

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Defending Clients Accused of Rape and Sexual Assault in Lake County and Cook County

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Nothing is more destructive to your reputation than someone falsely accusing you of a sex crime. Even if the state's evidence proves your innocence, a sex offense charge and arrest against you can have damaging consequences for the rest of your life. No other crime elicits more outrage than a sex crime.

At the Law Offices of Scott F. Anderson in Arlington Heights, Illinois, we represent clients in all criminal defense matters, including sex offense allegations. Our main goal is to protect the rights of our clients and to keep their best interests at heart. We will fight for our client's well-being.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a sex crime, you need to speak with a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney right away. For 25 years, Scott Anderson has worked in all aspects of criminal law.

As a former prosecutor, he knows first-hand how the state will prosecute these cases. As an experienced defense attorney, he knows how to provide you a vigorous defense. You need an aggressive and innovative defense attorney on these kinds of allegations, and Scott Anderson can provide that for you.

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