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Lake County DUI Defense Lawyer

Drinking and driving and then being pulled over, charged and arrested, can turn into a pretty messy legal situation.

Are you a first time DUI offender? Even so, your license will be suspended for a minimum of six months or even up to a year, and you could be facing severe penalties and major conviction if you caused bodily harm or injury to someone as a result.

Have you had a drunk driving charge or suspension for drunk driving in the past, even outside the state of Illinois? You could be facing a longer suspension simply by being accused of DUI, and you face a revocation of your driving privileges, or even jail time as a sentence, if found guilty of your second DUI.

No one wants to be in any of these situations, especially without strong criminal DUI defense representation.

At the Law Offices of Scott F. Anderson, DUI criminal defense attorney, Scott Anderson, has over 25 years of experience working in the Illinois criminal justice system. He has handled DUI cases both in the trial courts and on appeal. He has represented clients for misdemeanor and felony DUI crimes throughout Cook, Lake, DuPage and McHenry Counties, with successful results. Whether you refused testing, took a breath test at the scene or at the station, or provided a blood or urine sample after being arrested, Scott Anderson knows how to fight and win your case. He knows how to protect your rights, especially your right to drive.

DUI Defense Lawyer

When someone needs a DUI defense attorney, they need quick, aggressive, criminal defense to immediately resolve any issues that could turn into bigger problems down the line. Our law firm represents clients from beginning to end, in the trial courts and on appeal, and at Secretary of State Hearings for driver's license reinstatement. We can effectively defend clients against any other criminal charges in connection with the DUI charge. Our main goal is to protect your rights, and we will fight in order to make sure you win favorable results.

The Law Offices of Scott F. Anderson is prepared to handle your DUI criminal case and help you obtain the best results possible. If you would like to speak with attorney Scott Anderson, feel free to call 847-253-3400 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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