8 Hidden Costs That Come With a DUI Conviction

 Posted on December 04,2018 in DUI

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According to the Illinois Secretary of State, there were 330 people killed in alcohol-related car crashes in Illinois last year. Those fatalities represented about 30 percent of the 1,090 people who were killed in all car crashes in the state in 2017. Because alcohol plays such a large role in traffic deaths, punishments are substantial.

Most who experience a DUI conviction have no idea just how much it costs, in addition to the loss of driving privileges. Here are eight hidden expenses that come with an Illinois DUI conviction:


After you are convicted of a DUI, you are considered a high-risk driver by almost all insurance companies. This means you will pay a premium for car insurance. In Illinois, that typically runs about $2,000 per year for a minimum of three years. This equals about $6,000.

Legal Fees

Though legal fees can vary greatly depending on the severity of an offense or if you are a repeat offender, an uncontested plea and hardship driving permit can cost around $2,000.

Court Costs

You could face a fine of up to $2,500, with $750 in court costs and fees, and you must also reimburse law enforcement for towing and storing your vehicle, which is about $250. All of this adds up to around $3,500, although it can vary depending on where in Illinois you live.

Income Loss

If you are convicted of a DUI, chances are you will miss work at some point for one reason or another. Based on a yearly income of $55,000, four weeks of missed work means you lose about $4,230 because of jail or community service, evaluations, and required classes.


DUI punishments almost always include some type of rehabilitation in an attempt to ensure you never commit another one. You will probably have to attend substance abuse classes or counseling, and subsequent evaluations of your progress either for the court or the Secretary of State’s office. This will cost about $300.

Driver’s License Reinstatement

This will cost you about $500, plus $30 for a new license. In order to get this new license, you must attend a formal Secretary of State hearing, with a fee of $50. This puts your cost for a new license around $580.


As a condition of driving, you may have a breath-alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID) installed in your vehicle, which is far from free. BAIID installation is around $100, the rental fee is around $80 per month, and the monitoring fee is $30 per month. The cost for the BAIID comes to around $1,420 for one year.

Get Help From an Arlington Heights, IL DUI Defense Attorney

Being convicted of a DUI can cost you much more than your driving privileges. Not only could you face jail time, you may also face exorbitant costs related to your DUI conviction. According to the 2019 Illinois DUI Fact Book, the average cost of a DUI is over $18,000. An experienced Rolling Meadows, IL DUI defense lawyer can make sure you get the best outcome possible. Contact Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law to discuss how you may avoid a conviction. Call our office today at 847-253-3400 to schedule a free consultation.


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