Changes Proposed for Treatment of Sex Offenders

 Posted on March 27,2018 in Sex Crimes

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_243122509-1.jpgDue in large part to the publicity of high-profile cases, laws pertaining to the statute of limitations and handling of sexual assault and harassment claims are undergoing change or review. Officials maintain these efforts are necessary to protect victims. However, consideration is now being given to the way the registry of sexual offenders is maintained in Illinois.

Task Force Makes Recommendations

At the end of last year, a specially named task force published a report that proposed certain changes to the way Illinois handles sex offenders and the state’s registration list. The panel included public advocates, victims, members of law enforcement, defense attorneys and prosecutors.

  • A point of emphasis was the application of rule pertaining to underage offenders. This includes the way in which cases involving two people on opposite sides of the age of 18 are handled – or so called, “Romeo and Juliet” cases.
  • While easing some rules on younger offenders is under consideration, there is an opinion that the state must get tougher on those offenders who some consider “truly dangerous.”
  • Discussion involving the elimination of the sex offender registry was quickly and loudly denounced by members of the panel.
  • Another recommendation involved the development and implementation of a Sex Offender Management Board that would establish the way offenders are classified, treated and managed through the system, as well as make legislative recommendations.
  • The panel further recommended the use of post-conviction risk assessment techniques to identify the best course of treatment for offenders.
  • Establish new criteria for the sexual offender registry to better identify high-risk convicted offenders.
  • Ensure all modifications and restrictions are tailored to best serve the interests of public safety.

As with any discussion related to the handling of sex crime offenders and convicts, officials expect legislators to act cautiously and deliberately prior to implementation of any changes.

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