Do I Qualify for a Hardship License?

 Posted on June 11,2024 in Driver's License Reinstatement

IL defense lawyerOne of the most inconvenient parts of getting charged with or convicted of a DUI is having your driver’s license suspended. Although the city of Chicago has a rather robust public transportation system, the suburbs can be much harder to get around without driving. Some tasks, like bringing home a week’s worth of groceries, are not easily done via public transportation. Additionally, many people do not feel safe taking a bus or a train, especially after dark. If your license has been suspended for DUI, you may qualify for a restricted driving permit that allows you limited driving privileges. A knowledgeable Arlington Heights, IL license reinstatement lawyer can help you work towards regaining the ability to drive for certain essential reasons.

What Do I Have to Prove to Get a Restricted Driving Permit? 

To qualify for an RDP, you must show that you or your family would suffer undue hardship if you could not drive at all and that you have car insurance. You will need to submit documentation showing the type of undue hardship you or your family would experience due to your loss of license. Examples of undue hardship may include:

  • Having no reasonable way to get to work, causing your family to lose needed income, 
  • Being unable to transport your children to school or daycare, 
  • Not being able to take your elderly parent to essential medical appointments, 
  • Not having reasonable access to a grocery store where healthy foods, like fresh produce, are available, 
  • Being unable to get to your college classes or job training program, or,
  • Having a family member who cannot drive due to a disability such as a seizure disorder and relies on you for transportation to work or other essential places.

Losing your license may affect your entire family. Arguments showing that your family members who did not commit a crime would suffer hardship due to your inability to drive them around can be especially persuasive.

What Can I Do With a Hardship License? 

A restricted driving permit only allows you to drive for certain reasons and at certain times. The court will tell you when, where, and why you are permitted to drive with a hardship license. You will generally be able to drive to places like work, medical appointments, the grocery store, and your children’s schools. However, you would not be allowed to drive for nonessential reasons, like going out to dinner with friends or going to a baseball game.

Contact an Arlington Heights, IL License Reinstatement Attorney 

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