Driver’s License Reinstatements in Illinois

 Posted on December 31,2013 in Driver's License Reinstatement

driver's license reinstatement lawyerIf you have lost driving privileges as part of a criminal charge in Illinois, you need to speak with an attorney about the process of getting your license reinstated. Don’t attempt to drive when your license is suspended, because the consequences go beyond typical traffic violations.

At the bare minimum, being caught driving under a suspended license is a Class A misdemeanor with a possible fine of $2,500 and as many as 364 days spent in jail. Depending on your record, the penalties can get stiffer: you can spend up to seven years in prison with fines of up to $25,000.

You might be eligible to receive a restricted driving permit or reinstatement. You can only get your driving privileges reinstated on or after your eligibility date. If you haven’t reached your eligibility date yet, you could get a restricted driving permit. You would need to provide evidence of "undue hardship" as a result of lost driving privileges. Examples of undue hardship include medical care or daycare for children or elderly individuals, or court ordered community service or employment. You’d need to contact a hearing officer in order to start the ball rolling on this process.

If you lost driving privileges as a result of a drug or alcohol offense, you may need to complete additional requirements to get the restricted driving permit. This could include an educational class or a completed treatment program. Whether you are going for a restricted driving permit or license reinstatement, you’ll attend a hearing.

You could be approved for your request or denied as a result of this hearing. If you were able to get reinstated as a driver, you would need to provide evidence of financial responsibility and pay the reinstatement fee. As you can see, getting a restricted driving permit or license reinstatement requires following the rules to a T. If you’re in need of information about these processes, contact a Cook County criminal attorney today.

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