DUI and the Interstate Driver License Compact

 Posted on June 29,2016 in DUI

Arlington Heights DUI attorneyIf you are traveling in another state and get charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, you may think that whatever happens with those charges will not affect your driving privileges in your home state. However, in the majority of states, you would be wrong.

The Interstate Driver License Compact

All but several states in the country have agreed to the Interstate Driver License Compact. The states that do not participate are Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. The state of Illinois has signed the contract and is a participating state. The Interstate Driving Contract is simply a contract between states where they agree to not only share information regarding DUI arrests, but also agree to honor any driver license suspension imposed on the person who has been charged. 

Although the state where a person is arrested can revoke driving privileges of the accused for the period of time they are in that particular state, it cannot revoke the accused’s driving privileges in their home state. The home state must make that determination. For example, if a resident of Illinois is vacationing in Florida and they are charged and convicted of a DUI, Florida can suspend the person’s driving privileges in Florida. The state will then report the information to Illinois, who could then revoke the person’s Illinois driver’s license.

The same is true for a person who is vacationing in Illinois. If they are arrested and convicted in an Illinois courtroom, Illinois will notify their home state of the conviction.

National Driver Register 

Even if you are convicted in one of the states that do not participate in the Interstate Driving Contract, there is another registry that all states are required to supply license suspensions to – the National Driver Register (NDR). This registry is also a database for any convictions of serious traffic violations such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is the database that many law enforcement use when checking on the driving records of an out-of-state driver they may have stopped.


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