Illinois Law Enforcement Planning a “Final Push” for Road Safety Over New Year Holiday

 Posted on December 27,2016 in DUI and Breath Alcohol Tests

Arlington Heights DUI defense attorneyThis year is coming to a close, and another one will soon begin. As per the annual tradition, many will be ringing in this new year with their friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances at parties, events, and get-togethers. Knowing this - and the propensity for people drink at these gatherings - Illinois law enforcement is planning to make a “final push” for road safety over the New Year. Learn what you need to know about DUI checkpoints, DUI testing, and your right to quality legal defense with help from the following information.

DUI Checkpoints This New Year’s

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation and Illinois State Police, there will be more than 200 law enforcement agencies across the state engaged in this final push for road safety. They will be running seat belt checks, DUI checks, and setting up DUI checkpoints. That means almost any driver - intoxicated or not - could be at risk for a traffic stop. If suspected of a DUI, these extra stops could also place numerous people in jail over the holiday season - some of which may not have even been intoxicated at the time of their stop.

Illinois DUI Testing - Breathalyzers, Blood Tests, and Field Sobriety Testing

Most people assume that it is only the guilty who wind up being charged with a DUI. Nothing could be further from the truth. Numerous people are charged and convicted of a DUI, despite not being intoxicated. This happens because the methods for testing a person for drunk driving are not always accurate. Breathalyzers can be incorrectly used or calibrated. Field sobriety tests are failed, even by sober people. Blood tests are mishandled. Yet it is the law enforcement side that often wins. They convince people that they do not stand a chance against their DUI charges. This is a lie. You have the right to fight back, and to seek legal assistance.

Fight Back Against Your DUI Charges

Do not accept the charges of a DUI. Fight back with assistance from a skilled DUI defense lawyer. Many situations can be mitigated. Others may be able to have their charges completely dropped. Yet there is no way to know if you do not exercise your rights - namely your rights to remain silent and to have a skilled attorney representing you in your case.

Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law, has the skills and knowledge needed to effectively assist you in your case. We aggressively pursue the most positive outcome in your situation and will protect your rights and interests, every step of the way. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with our Arlington Heights DUI defense attorney. Call us at 847-253-3400 today.



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