Meth Arrests in Illinois on the Rise: Arrests and Convictions Not an Effective Solution

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Arlington Heights drug crimes attorneyWhile law enforcement says that the number of methamphetamine lab arrests has decreased over the last few years, the number of actual users – those arrested for possession and other related crimes – seems to be increasing throughout the state of Illinois. Some Illinois residents may view this as a positive, but it actually shows a lack of insight and understanding of addiction. What is more, research is suggesting that the increase of arrests and convictions does not actually improve society. Instead, it creates more problems in the future.

Behind the Addict

Meth is a highly addictive substance that can change even the best of people. Yet law enforcement officials and the criminal justice system seem to overlook the person behind that addiction. They fail to see the family of those affected. Most of all, they do not consider the external and internal factors that can often lead to addiction. For example, those who live in poverty are more likely to suffer from a substance addiction, as are those who suffer from mental illness.

That lack of insight causes the addict to be treated like a “regular” criminal, even if the only people they are truly hurting are themselves and/or their loved ones. They are locked away, slapped with fines and criminal record, and then face insurmountable challenges once they have served their time. These challenges – those that were put in place because of their criminal conviction – only perpetuate the addiction cycle by making it even more difficult to break out of poverty and illness.

A Better Solution

When addicts are stuck in the cycle of addiction, the last thing they need is to have it exasperated. Instead, they need the opportunity to rehabilitate. Behavioral interventions, when paired with therapy, have proven to be rather successful. And, rather than leave an addict with a criminal record that makes it difficult for them to obtain employment after their release, interventions seek to help, not punish. This serves as a better all-around solution, not just for the addict, but also for their families, their children, and society as a whole.

Get the Legal Defense You Deserve

Unfortunately, getting Illinois to adopt a rehabilitation mindset is not an easy task. Many still believe that the “tough on crime” mentality works. Until that shifts, those who are arrested on criminal charges need to ensure they have a strong defense counsel willing to fight for them and their futures.

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