Naperville Makes Top Ten for DUI Arrests in Illinois

 Posted on July 18,2016 in DUI

Illinois DUI Defense AttorneyGetting arrested for a DUI is more than just inconvenient. It can upheave your life. It can lead to jail time, driving restrictions, and significant fines. It can also ruin your reputation and lead to a conviction on your criminal record. Naperville also happens to be one of the top ten places in Illinois where one of these arrests can happen. Thankfully, our DUI defense attorneys can help protect you from the potential consequences of a DUI charge.

Study Finds Naperville to Be the Top Ten for DUI Arrests

Conducted by the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists, a recent study examined DUI arrest statistics dating all the way back to 1990. Naperville, which was found to be in the top 10, saw a slight decrease in DUI arrests (less than five percent). However, it still ranked as fourth for Illinois DUI arrests. Other cities that landed in the top 10 included Aurora, Elgin, Decautur, Bloomington, Rock Island, and Lombard.

Naperville Authorities Attribute Enforcement Efforts

According to Naperville authorities, law enforcement prioritizes their DUI enforcement throughout the city. In fact, in the Chicago Tribune, they attributed those efforts to their high arrest record, which has put 369 people in Naperville through the DUI criminal process. On one hand, this helps to keep the roadways safer for drivers, but the criminal process is not always fair. Furthermore, not all DUI arrests are of intoxicated drivers. Improper testing procedures, incrimination for refusing to test, and even shoddy processing can all lead to innocent people finding themselves on the wrong side of a DUI arrest.

Get the Skilled DUI Defense You Deserve

Regardless of your situation, or the circumstances that led to your arrest, the Law Offices of Scott F. Anderson can help. We have the experience and knowledge to look for the chink in the prosecution’s defense. And, to ensure that your rights are not violated, we can protect you and your best interest throughout the entire process. Get the DUI defense you deserve. Contact our DuPage County DUI criminal defense attorneys for a free initial consultation. Call us at 847-253-3400 today.


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