Popularity of Molly Leads to Crackdown

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According to CBS Local Chicago, Molly, or MDMA, has recently been gaining traction in the party scene across the country, and has recently seen a surge in popularity in major U.S. cities. Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent in Charge Jack Riley told CBS Local that Molly, a derivative of MDMA, is the old date rape drug that was extremely popular during the 1990s. "The resurgence of Molly is a much more pure form of MDMA," Riley told CBS, "and it’s really gained a foothold in the younger crowd based off the electrical tech music," he said. The drug is seeing an uptick in usage not just in Chicago and major U.S. cities, but all across the Midwest as well.  Popularity of Molly Leads to Crackdown IMAGE

According to CBS Local, "reports of MDMA related ER visits have doubled since 2004." This could be because of the popularity of MDMA references in music—CBS reports that, "Riley blames its resurgence in part on musicians who’ve promoted Molly in their lyrics." It’s upsetting to Riley because he doesn’t consider the drug recreational: CBS reports that Molly "is a combination of a stimulant and psychedelic drug." It’s cheap, however; one reason it’s been very popular with teenagers. And authorities are having a hard time identifying the shipment routes and pinpointing the non-traditional network of dealers.

Two men in Boston, according to NBC News, were busted in mid-September on "charges that they sold the designer drug." According to NBC, "undercover officers arranged to buy Molly from the men, then arrested them." Crackdowns have been coordinated in connection with the deaths of two partiers in New York and a college student in New Hampshire. According to NPR News, the recent deaths in the Northeast may be due to a bad batch of Molly that was circulating the Eastern seaboard.

If you or someone you know has been charged with accusations of Molly or any other drug use or sales, don’t go through it alone. The most important first step is to contact a dedicated criminal defense attorney today.