Prescription Drug Crimes in Illinois

 Posted on September 28,2018 in Drug Crimes

IL defense lawyerMany people may think that drug crimes just deal with illegal drugs, like marijuana or heroin, but that is not the case. Under the Illinois Controlled Substances Act, prescription drugs are also covered. Though both illegal and legal drugs are in the Controlled Substances Act, prescription drugs are only legal when they are prescribed to you by a physician and you are using them in accordance with the directions on the bottle and your doctor’s orders. You can get in trouble by abusing prescription drugs, just like any other drugs.

Types of Controlled Substances

In Illinois, the Illinois Controlled Substances Act designates certain legal and illegal drugs, their classifications and the penalties for possession, distribution or misuse. The most commonly misused prescription drugs are:

  • Adderall;
  • Xanax;
  • Drugs with Codeine;
  • Morphine;
  • Fentanyl;
  • Vicodin;
  • Percocet;
  • Demerol; and
  • Ritalin.

Prescription Drug Crimes

There are a few ways in which prescription drugs can get you into trouble. The most common prescription drug crimes include:

  • Possession: You do not have to be under the influence of drugs in order to be in trouble - you simply have to have prescription drugs illegally in your possession in order to violate the law. This can include having someone else’s drugs or having no prescription for those drugs.
  • Distribution: You could possibly be charged with drug trafficking if you illegally sell or distribute prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are only legal when they are used by the person to whom they were prescribed and in the way they were prescribed. Any other use is not authorized by law.
  • Misrepresentation: You can also face legal trouble if you misrepresent yourself to doctors in order to gain prescriptions of certain drugs. Ever since the Illinois Prescription Drug Monitoring Program began at the beginning of 2018, certain information is put into a statewide system when a doctor prescribes a controlled substance for a patient. This helps prevent drug abusers from going to multiple doctors to receive multiple prescriptions of a drug, which you can also be punished for.

Are You Facing Prescription Drug Crime Charges?

Prescription drugs are legal as long as you are following your doctor’s orders and using the drugs in accordance with law. If you are being charged with a prescription drug crime, you need the immediate help of an Arlington Heights drug crimes defense attorney. Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law has extensive experience with these types of cases and will be 100 percent committed to providing you with the best possible defense. To get started with building your defense, call the office right away at 847-253-3400.



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