Judge Rules a Doctor’s Profession is an Aggravating Factor in DUI, Not a Mitigating One

 Posted on October 17,2016 in DUI

Illinois criminal defense lawyerWhile a DUI conviction can damage anyone’s reputation, livelihood, or financial situation, those that are licensed medical professionals are considered to be at an especially high risk for serious consequences. They can lose their license to practice, and, as evidenced in a recent DUI case involving an Illinois physician, their profession could actually be used against them. If you are a licensed medical professional who was recently arrested for a DUI, learn how you can best protect your future.

Using Your Duty to Protect Against You

As a healthcare professional, you have an implied, and in some cases, sworn duty to protect the public from harm. Driving under the influence of any substance, including alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, or other illicit substances, is in direct conflict with that duty. For this reason, the court may see your standing in the community as an aggravating factor in your DUI case, rather than a mitigating one. This is exactly what happened to a local orthopedic surgeon who was recently convicted of his seventh DUI and sentenced to six years in prison.

Understanding the Implications

The criminal charges are problematic for anyone, but for those that hold a prestigious place in the community, the implications go much further. Take a doctor, for example: at risk for the same consequences that anyone else would face for a DUI, the physician must also worry whether or not their patients will learn of the mistake and discontinue care. Further, the physician may also be at risk for an investigation from the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR), which could also place their license to practice medicine at risk. In some cases, a DUI could even spark an automatic suspension if the license until an investigation can be completed.

Protecting Your Reputation and Your Future

If you are medical professional who has recently been charged with a DUI, it is critical that you take immediate action to protect your reputation, profession, and future. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to reduce the risk of criminal consequences of a DUI, self-report the case to mitigate any issues you may experience with the IDFPR, and consider also speaking with a legal professional who can work with your criminal defense lawyer to protect the status of your license.

Backed by more than 25 years of experience, Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law, is committed to helping you maintain your position within the community. We recognize that, although you may be held to a higher standard than others, you are still only human. We will fight aggressively to protect you from the criminal consequences of a DUI. Contact our Arlington Heights DUI defense lawyer and schedule your free consultation to learn more. Call 847-253-3400 today.


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