Sexual Harassment and Abuse Crimes Receiving Renewed Attention

 Posted on March 09,2018 in Sex Crimes

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_736146343.jpgVictims of sexual assault and sexual harassment have begun stepping forward with allegations of events that occurred both recently and in the past. With this increased awareness comes a renewed scrutiny of how both alleged victims and those accused of sexual crimes are treated under the law.  

In Illinois and Across the Country

Last summer, Illinois officials passed legislation removing the statute of limitations on cases of sexual abuse crimes against children. The bill was quickly signed into law. However, renewed attention is being placed on the issue of sex crimes in large part due to the revelations of past actions by entertainment industry professionals, high profile physicians, and even elected officials.

  • Illinois established a task force to investigate and examine the issue and alleged incidents of sexual harassment in its own corridors. The panel, however, has until December 2018 to issue a report with recommendations to address and eliminate such behavior by its members.
  • The above-mentioned task force was criticized at one point for diverting its attention away from incidents of sexual misconduct among its own members and for spending time reviewing events that occurred at private businesses.
  • In the case of an adult-age victim in Illinois, the victim has three years to report an alleged crime to law enforcement, and prosecutors have 10 years from the date of the alleged offense to file charges.
  • Illinois lawmakers are considering changes to the way the state’s sex offender registry is maintained, as well as eligibility criteria for those who would be required to register. There is some consideration being given to allowing “low-level” sex offenders off the registry, as well as those charged in “Romeo and Juliet” cases—which involves consenting partners on opposite sides of the age of consent (18 years old) in Illinois.

Rely on an Experienced Rolling Meadows Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Allegations of sex crimes can have a lasting negative impact on a person’s life. Even if cleared of charges, a defendant can spend years attempting to rid themselves of the shadow such a matter can cast. A resourceful and knowledgeable Illinois sex crimes defense attorney can provide a defendant with the help needed to overcome the worst of these situations. Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law, offers clients a thorough review of their case in building an aggressive defense strategy in an effort to deliver the best outcome possible. Call his offices at 847-253-4700 and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the best course of action for you.



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