The DUI Lookback Period in Illinois – What It Could Mean for Your Case

 Posted on July 26,2017 in DUI

Illinois is ranked one of the toughest states on driving under the influence – and for a good reason. License suspensions can occur upon the first conviction, and the third conviction is typically considered a felony. Of course, that leaves many drivers wondering just how long a conviction will stay on their record. Learn more about the DUI lookback period in Illinois, including what it may mean for your DUI charges case with help from the following information.

The Illinois Lookback

The lookback period of a state is the amount of time over which a conviction may impact a driver on subsequent charges. For most states, this is only a handful of years. In Illinois, the lookback period is for the life of the driver, so every conviction counts. A first conviction stays on your record permanently and can impact your case, even if the next charge is decades later.

What It Could Mean for Your Case

Drivers who have long lapses between their DUI cases are often surprised when they learn of the Illinois lookback period. Individuals who experienced their first conviction as a minor may be especially vulnerable because they may not have fully understood the consequences of their actions at that time. Perhaps the most jarring situation, however, is when one learns that two convictions within a 20-year period can result in a five-year suspension of their license. In addition, they may be hit with fines and either jail time or mandatory community service. Thankfully, there are ways to fight back against the charges.

Fighting Your DUI Charges

Although law enforcement and the judicial system would like you to believe that you must simply accept the consequences of a DUI, you do have the right to contest the charges. You also have the right to remain silent and the right to legal counsel during your case; it is highly advised that you take advantage of both. Avoid speaking to the officer or accepting any form of blame, no matter how hard they push and contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

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