Top 10 Illinois Traffic Offenses That Carry the Most Points

 Posted on October 23,2018 in Traffic Violations

Rolling Meadows traffic ticket attorneyMost states have some kind of points system that affects people’s driver’s licenses. The points systems work like golf--the fewer points you have, the better off you are. Every time you are convicted of a traffic offense, you will not just receive a citation--you will also gain points on your driving record. Each state’s system works differently; some states require you to gain a certain amount of points before action is taken, but others, like Illinois, only stipulate that you must commit three offenses before your license is penalized. Too many traffic violations could result in a license suspension or revocation, which can make life difficult for you.

Illinois’ Points System

The Office of the Illinois Secretary of State has developed a points system in which a driver accumulates a certain number of points each time they are convicted of a moving violation. The number of points that are assigned depends on the specific law that was violated, and the more severe the violation, the more points are assigned. If you are convicted of three or more offenses within 12 months, you could face a suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Typically, when you hit that three-offense mark, a judge will make a determination regarding punishment depending on the number of points or the severity of the laws you violated.

High-Point Traffic Violations

Here are 10 of Illinois’ traffic violations that carry the most points:

  • Reckless driving - 55 Points
  • Aggravated speeding in a school zone - 55 Points
  • Aggravated speeding in a construction zone - 55 Points
  • Possession of more than one driver’s license by a commercial driver - 50 Points
  • Driving a commercial vehicle without a CDL in possession - 50 Points
  • Failure to stop after an accident involving personal injury or death - 50 Points
  • Speeding more than 25 MPH above the speed limit - 50 Points
  • Use of an electronic communication device while driving that led to an accident that resulted in great bodily harm or death - 30 Points
  • Following too closely (tailgating) - 25 Points
  • Passing a school bus while children are boarding or exiting - 25 Points

Contact a Rolling Meadows Traffic Violation Attorney

If you have received a traffic ticket, you could possibly be facing expensive fines or other penalties. Three traffic convictions within a 12-month period could mean that your driver’s license will be suspended or revoked. A skilled Arlington Heights traffic ticket lawyer can help you fight to receive a lower penalty for traffic violations or get them dropped altogether. Contact Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law to have your case evaluated and determine your best course of action. To set up a free consultation, call our office at 847-253-3400.


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