What Are the Requirements if I Am Released from Jail on Bail?

 Posted on November 10,2020 in Criminal Law

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If you are arrested and charged with a crime in Illinois, the court has to determine if they must hold you until your first court date, or if you can be released while awaiting trial. If you are released on bail, you must post a bond. A bond is an official document that states that you will appear at your trial or face additional consequences and can be secured through monetary means or through your own recognizance if the judge does not deem you a flight risk.

Being released from jail on bail also almost always means that there will be certain rules and requirements that you must adhere to while you are awaiting your trial. These rules, or conditions, are non-negotiable and are set forth by the judge after he or she has examined the details of your case. This is why the conditions of bail can be different for everyone, but it is important that you do not violate these requirements or you could face even more criminal charges.

Typical Conditions of Bail

If you were granted bail by a judge, there are certain requirements that you will have to follow for the entire bail period. In Illinois, typical conditions of most bails include:

  • Obeying all laws and refraining from committing criminal violations

  • Appearing at each court hearing, unless you are excused by the court from appearing

  • Remaining within the jurisdiction unless you have permission from the court to travel

  • Not possessing any firearms or other deadly weapons

  • Not using drugs or alcohol

Specific Conditions of Bail

In some cases, however, a person may be subject to other rules or requirements as conditions to their release. In these cases, the judge would have taken into account your past criminal history, the nature of the offense, the likelihood of you fleeing, and the risk you pose to others. Sometimes, the judge may believe it is appropriate to place special conditions on your bail, which may include:

  • Reporting or appearing in person before a specific person or agency as designated by the court

  • Refraining from approaching or contacting a specific person or people

  • Refraining from going to certain geographical areas or addresses

  • Undergoing treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction

  • Wearing an electronic monitoring device

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