What Happens After a Third DUI in Illinois?

 Posted on April 15,2024 in Multiple DUI

IL DUI lawyerWhile a first DUI normally leads to a license suspension and maybe a few days in jail and a second DUI can be a little more serious, your first two DUIs are usually misdemeanors. If you get a third DUI in Illinois, you are now facing a felony charge. Felonies carry a year or more of time in prison and can have a much more serious impact on your life than a misdemeanor. While misdemeanor charges are often overlooked by employers and landlords, felony charges for repeat DUIs can lead to rejection after rejection. The other legal penalties for a third DUI are also much harsher than the penalties for a first or second DUI. If you are facing a felony DUI, you must be represented by an experienced Rolling Meadows, IL repeat DUI defense lawyer.

Consequences of a Third DUI in Illinois

The third DUI penalty most Illinois defendants are most concerned about is jail time. Since a third DUI is a Class 2 felony, you could face between one year and 7 years in prison. In some cases, a shorter term of imprisonment followed by probation is possible. However, your DUI attorney will need to negotiate with the state or present strong mitigating factors - circumstances that show your offense is less serious than it looks - to reduce your prison time.

Other possible consequences of a third DUI include:

  • Long-term loss of driving privileges - While courts will generally give drivers with one or two DUIs another chance to show they can be trusted to drive safely after a one or two-year suspension, those who drive drunk for a third time may never be allowed to drive again. You may be able to get a restricted license eventually, but would likely need to install a costly ignition interlock device. 
  • Mandatory substance abuse treatment - While one - or even two - DUIs can be a sign of nothing more than an affinity for bar crawls and poor judgment, a third DUI can indicate a substance abuse problem. Courts will usually force a third-time DUI defendant into inpatient treatment that may or may not be in a locked-down facility. 
  • A felony record - Being a convicted felon can make it hard to find work or housing. 
  • Steep fines - You could be fined up to $25,000 for a third DUI. Few people have the money to pay a fine this high. 

Contact a Rolling Meadows, IL Third DUI Lawyer 

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