What Happens After Your First DUI Arrest?

 Posted on June 05,2017 in DUI

Illinois DUI defense lawyerIf you have never been charged with a DUI, the experience of being arrested was likely traumatizing. Unfortunately, the process is not yet complete. Instead, you must deal with the after effects – the charges and their consequences. What can you expect? Hopefully, a dismissal of your case, which may be possible if you take a proactive approach to your case.

Facing the Charges Head On

No matter how much you might want the recent arrest to be nothing more than a horrible nightmare, the truth is that the charges will not disappear on their own. You must fight against them and prove that you were not intoxicated above the legal limit, or that the arrest was otherwise wrongful or unwarranted. It is highly recommended that you seek assistance from an experienced attorney. Not only can they ensure your rights are upheld throughout the process, they are also well-versed in the DUI laws and police procedures. This knowledge alone could potentially impact the outcome of your case.

Examining the Potential Outcomes

There are many directions that a DUI case can go. On the one hand, if it is your first DUI, you could be asked to complete court supervision and a term of driving with a blood alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID). On the other hand, if your DUI involved a minor in the vehicle with you, an accident that resulted in serious injury or death, or if you were driving a commercial vehicle or transit vehicle while under the influence, you could face elevated charges. In some instances, this may even include jail time, significant fines, and long-term suspension of your license.

Potential outcomes will greatly depend on the details of your case. However, there are things you can do to mitigate against the risks. The first is to ensure you have an aggressive DUI attorney on your side – one that truly concerned about your well-being. Second, avoid saying or doing anything to compromise your case. Do not speak to law enforcement, a judge, or even your friends and family until you have first consulted a professional.

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