What to Do After Receiving a Speeding Ticket in Arlington Heights 

 Posted on November 23,2022 in Traffic Violations

arlington heights traffic ticket lawyerLike the speed of cars has increased over the years, so have the price and consequences of speeding tickets. Chances are that you will receive a traffic violation at some point in your life. Traffic violations like speeding tickets can be not only annoying, but they can also be costly. It is essential to keep in mind that when dealing with a speeding ticket, you need to remember that you have options. 

Depending on how fast you were going, speed tickets can have a genuine impact on one’s life, ranging from fines of $75 escalating up to having your license suspended. If you have received a speeding ticket and have chosen to fight the ticket in traffic court, do not go about it alone. Consulting with a trained attorney can make the difference between paying the fine and possibly facing other consequences or having the ticket thrown out by the judge. 

Considerations for Beating a Speeding Ticket

As soon as you find yourself pulled over, be kind to the police officer who pulled you over. Regardless of your opinion of law enforcement, remember that just like you, they are humans and wish to be treated kindly. Always treat officers with respect. It would be best if you kept in mind that the officer’s memory of you can make a huge difference in your case. You do not want to give the officer a reason to remember you in traffic court. Be cordial and then take your ticket.

Once you have been given your ticket, go home somewhere like your home or office and examine the ticket carefully. You do not want to make an uninformed decision, such as paying the fine in the mail without understanding the consequences of doing so. You may see an option that gives a dollar amount and says if you pay, the case is complete, and no court appearance is needed. However, avoid falling into the trap of paying and mailing in the fine. That being said, it is ok to pay the fine if the ticket offers you something like traffic safety school or another type of supervision. These types of offers do not equal a conviction. You want to avoid a speeding ticket conviction since it will stain your driving record, which may cause your insurance to increase or result in your license being suspended. 

When it is time to go to traffic court, make sure you arrive on time. Moreover, it is wise to hire an attorney. Since the judge will ask you whether you want to plead guilty or not guilty, it is best to prepare for what will happen with a lawyer before your appearance in traffic court. Remember, you do not get to negotiate with the prosecution, but your lawyer does. Your lawyer may also know local judges and prosecutors and have insight that can help your case.

Furthermore, your lawyer will be able to coach you on whether to plead guilty or not guilty. An experienced lawyer will understand the pros and cons of each approach in the context of your case. Understand that regardless of what you say, it is always best to have a lawyer who understands how the process works. 

Contact a Rolling Meadows Speeding Ticket Attorney

If you receive a speeding ticket, contact an experienced attorney who can explain your rights and how best to proceed with the context of your case in mind. The skillful Arlington Heights speeding ticket lawyer with Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law has helped clients in the past in traffic court and knows the laws in which Illinois operates. Call 847-253-3400 for a free consultation. 


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