What to Know About the Illinois Diversion Program for Drug Crime Defendants

 Posted on January 11,2023 in Criminal Law

arlington heights crimnal defense lawyerIn recent years, the societal conversation regarding drug use has changed. The focus has shifted from how best to punish drug crime offenders to how best to rehabilitate drug crime offenders. For example, in years past, if you were convicted of a drug crime such as drug possession, where you were found guilty of possessing an illicit drug other than cannabis, you would likely be facing the possibility of a life-shattering felony conviction. Today, however, Illinois courts acknowledge that most people caught with small amounts of drugs are not big-time drug traffickers but instead regular people who made a mistake. To prevent ordinary people from becoming drug crime felons, Illinois instituted a diversion program to help regular people avoid drug-related convictions. 

If you are a first-time drug crime offender, you are likely eligible for Illinois’s diversion program. Contacting a knowledgeable Illinois drug crime attorney is an excellent first step to seeing whether you are eligible. 

What is Section 410 Probation for Particular Drug Crimes? 

For a first-time drug offender to be eligible for Section 410 probation, you must first plead guilty to the drug possession charge. However, the court will not enter such a verdict. Instead, you will likely be instructed to take part in Section 410 probation. Furthermore, if you satisfy all requirements, the initial charge will be dismissed, and your record will be clean.

Requirements for Section 410 Probation

When you are engaged in the Section 410 probation process, you must have regular check-ins with a probation officer. You will also be required to submit to random drug testing throughout the length of your Section 410 probation, which is usually two years. It is also possible that you will be required to undergo psychiatric treatment, become involved in community service, and pay any outstanding court fees. 

While in Section 410 probation, you will be strictly prohibited from possessing weapons like guns, knives, or other deadly weapons. If you violate any requirements, you will likely be levied additional criminal charges. Once the two years of Section 410 probation have been completed, you can return to your regular life without the hindrance of a felony conviction on your record. 

Contact an Illinois Drug Crime Lawyer

Do not let a felony drug conviction upend your life. In many ways, Section 410 probation is a second chance. Contact the highly skilled Arlington Heights drug crime attorney with Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law to see if Section 410 probation is something you can benefit from. Call 847-253-3400 for a free consultation.



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