Woman Slams into Cop Car, Charged with DUI

 Posted on March 11,2014 in DUI

DUI charges, DUI lawyer, criminal defense, Arlington Heights, Illinois, cirminal defense attorneyA 22-year-old southwest suburban woman "was charged with drunk driving after she swerved into a Hickory Hills police car that was trying to pull her over and then fled from the scene, leaving behind two officers who were injured and trapped inside their squad car," according to the Chicago Tribune. One of the officers trapped in the car recognized Olivia D. Aguilar, and directed other officers to her home, a Cook County prosecutor told the Tribune. When they got there, "police tracked blood and shoeprints in the snow to Aguilar, who they reported was belligerent and seemed intoxicated," reports the Tribune.

The cruiser that the alleged intoxicated driver slammed into was fully marked. Police first began to pursue Aguilar when they attempted to stop her for driving without headlights, reports the Tribune. Instead of stopping, however, she accelerated and swerved toward them. "The officers had to be extricated from the cruiser and were hospitalized with bruising and swelling," reports the Tribune. Aguilar is currently facing a slew of serious charges, including "aggravated battery, failure to stop after an injury accident, driving under the influence, failure to reduce speed, no proof of insurance, failure to give aid, no headlights, and driving with a suspended license."

According to the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS), anyone arrested for DUI must undergo "an alcohol and drug evaluation before sentencing." The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the full extend of the defendant’s relationship with drugs or alcohol, "specifically as it relates to driving history." Once the defendant’s risk level (minimal, moderate, significant, or high risk) has been determined, DHS makes a minimum recommendation to the Court or the Office of the Secretary of State.

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