3 Steps to Take If You Were Accused of a Sex Crime in Arlington Heights

 Posted on June 28,2022 in Sex Crimes

Arlington Heights Sexual Assault Defense LawyerSex offenses are considered especially morally reprehensible. Allegations of sexual assault, sex abuse, rape, or a related crime can destroy a person’s life. Criminal penalties for sex crimes are harsh, and many people find that being convicted of a sex offense has irreparable personal and professional consequences.

If you or someone you care about have been accused of a sex crime, do not wait to take action. Even if the accusation is unsubstantiated, being charged with a sex offense can have serious consequences. Contact a lawyer right away.

Avoid Contact With Your Accuser

Being accused of a sex crime can come as a shock. If you are like many people facing such a situation, you probably want to confront the person who levied the allegations against you. You may be confused about what is happening and are filled with questions. You may be eager to stand up for yourself, tell your side of the story, and clear your name. However, confronting your accuser can be disastrous. Even if you approach the person in a reasonable, non-threatening way, he or she may accuse you of further abuse, stalking, or harassment. You could even be subject to an emergency order of protection or other protective order and not realize it. Consequently, it is best to avoid the accuser and only discuss the situation with your attorney.  

Do Not Answer Questions from the Police  

If you are accused of sexual assault or another sex offense, the police will want to question you. They may imply that talking to them is in your best interests or that you can somehow avoid harsh penalties by cooperating with them. However, every person accused of committing a crime has a constitutional right to avoid self-incrimination. The best way to avoid incriminating yourself is to say nothing. Do not answer police officers’ questions until you have a chance to discuss the situation with your attorney.

Get Advice from an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Sex crime convictions are often punished by long jail sentences, mandatory registration on the Illinois Sex Offender Registry, heavy fines, and other harsh consequences. If you were accused of a sex offense, you need an attorney who will protect your rights and advocate for your innocence.

Contact Our Rolling Meadows Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

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