Average Cost of a DUI in Illinois

 Posted on December 24,2013 in DUI

illinois dui lawyerReceiving a DUI conviction in Illinois can wreak havoc on your personal finances. According to CyberDrive Illinois, drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence can expect to pay more than $16,000 on average, with additional costs possible if an accident occurs and people are injured, or if a jury trial is required.

When you are arrested on a DUI charge, your vehicle will be towed and stored at a law enforcement facility. This can cost drivers as much as $250. Furthermore, drivers who are convicted can be charged a fine of up to $2,500, court costs of up to $750, and a required contribution to the trauma center fund of $100. That’s up to $3,600 in court costs alone, not including legal fees. An uncontested plea in court and a hardship driving permit will cost drivers an additional $2,000. Drivers who are required to have a BAIID device installed will pay another $100 for installation and $120 per month in rental and monitoring charges.

Drivers convicted of DUI in a case involving an accident face some significant additional charges. Compensatory damages to crash survivors can total up to $10,000, and drivers may also be required to pay up to $100,000 in medical treatment to injured parties or surviving family members in fatal crashes. Not only that, but these cases often involve a jury trial or civil proceeding, which can add another $5,000 in costs.

A DUI conviction affects more than just your driving record; you could put your finances at serious risk as well. If you have been accused of a DUI in Illinois, do not attempt to navigate the complicated legal system on your own. Contact a qualified Illinois DUI defense attorney today. They can help ensure that you receive fair representation in court and mitigate any penalties you may be facing.

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