Chicago Man Sentenced in Absentia in Sexual Assault Case

 Posted on September 21,2018 in Sex Crimes

IL defense lawyerA man in chicago has been found guilty of sexual assault even though authorities have not been able to locate him for two years. The man was found guilty on three counts each of sexual assault and aggravated sexual abuse in July, even though he did not attend his trial. He was sentenced Tuesday to 27 years in prison.

Abuse Took Place Over a Year Starting in 2014

According to prosecutors, the man sexually assaulted the girl beginning in July 2014 and continued to do so until October 2015. The acts of abuse supposedly took place in the man’s residence in West Chicago. The victim was at a hospital for unrelated reasons when she told a hospital employee about the abuse. The hospital reported the abuse to the West Chicago Police Department who then alerted the DuPage County Children’s Center.

Man Was in Police Custody at One Point

The man was arrested by Chicago police in July 2016, but was released around two weeks later when he poses ten percent of his $250,000 bail. That was the last time police had the whereabouts of the man, who did not show up to any further court proceedings. Because of that, police issued a $750,000 arrest warrant in October 2017 and in April 2018, a no-bond arrest warrant.

Man Was Still Sentenced Regardless of Appearance

Though criminals are typically present at their trials and their sentencings, it is not unusual for them to be sentenced in absentia, meaning they were not present during the trial. In Illinois, people who are sentenced in absentia are understood to have waived their right to attend their trial. The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states that people have the right to face their accusers when it comes to criminal trials, but especially in cases where the suspect has fled from police - such as this case - suspects are seen to have waived that constitutional right.

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