Facing Domestic Violence Charges in the State of Illinois – What You Need to Know

 Posted on October 25,2017 in Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection

Illinois domestic battery attorneyIndividuals who are arrested on domestic violence charges often underestimate the impact that a conviction can have on their lives. Sadly, a mistake like this can have lasting and potentially even life-long repercussions. Learn more about the potential consequences of a domestic battery charge, including how it may affect you or your loved one, and discover what an experienced criminal defense attorney can do for you in a domestic battery criminal case.

How It Happens

Domestic battery charges usually stem from an argument that has been reported to the police. Sometimes it is one of the involved parties that calls. Other times, it is a neighbor or a passerby. Either way, law enforcement shows up and evaluates the situation. They typically talk to the involved parties, as well as any potential witnesses to the argument. If anyone appears to be injured, or if there is evidence to suggest that someone has been harmed, law enforcement may attempt to determine fault so they can make an arrest. If you happen to be the one that they believe started the argument, you will need a defense attorney that can fight against the impressions and judgments of the officers – someone who has your best interest in mind.

Understanding the Potential Consequences

Under Illinois state law, a person commits domestic battery when they knowingly or intentionally cause physical harm or use provocative physical contact to intimidate or otherwise harm a member of their family. Ex-partners, the other parent of your own child, and even siblings are included in this law. Also, keep in mind that actual physical harm is not required.

If convicted of simple domestic battery, individuals may face up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. Individuals convicted of an aggravated domestic battery can spend up to 7 years in prison and may face fines of up to $25,000. More severe penalties may be imposed if you have previously been convicted of domestic battery, have a former felony conviction, or if the battery occurred in the presence of children or while a restraining order was in place. Conviction of domestic battery also typically results in the issuance of a restraining order.

Fighting the Charges

If you or someone you love is facing domestic battery charges in Illinois, contact Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law, for assistance. Dedicated and experienced, our Arlington Heights criminal defense lawyer can take swift and aggressive action in your case to protect you against the potential consequences of a conviction. No matter what the situation, we pursue the most favorable outcome possible. Schedule your personalized consultation by calling 847-253-3400.


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