DUI Charges Do Not Have to Result in a Suspended License

 Posted on January 05,2017 in DUI

Arlington Heights DUI defense lawyerIn Illinois, drivers arrested on DUI charges face an automatic suspension on their license. Otherwise known as a statutory summary suspension, this remains in effect until the suspension period has ended (one year for a first-offense), until the driver obtains driving relief through a Monitoring Device Driving Permit (MDDP), or unless the charges are mitigated or dismissed. Ideally, the final option is the one you should pursue. The following covers the why and how of fighting a DUI charge, and explains where you can find experienced assistance.

Taking a Look at the Bigger Picture

If you know you were driving intoxicated - perhaps because of a temporary lapse in judgement or because you suffer from a chronic illness (i.e. alcoholism) that makes it difficult for you to make sound decisions while intoxicated - you may be tempted to just live with the consequences of your charges. After all, it does seem like the responsible thing to do. Unfortunately, when you look at it this way, you may not be looking at the bigger picture.

Not only does the suspension of your license make it difficult for you to work or take care of yourself or your family, it also results in additional fees and fines. Further, a DUI in Illinois can stay on your record for the rest of your life. This means your next arrest - be it six months or six years from now - will count as your second DUI. Another conviction will result in a third DUI, and so on. This is because Illinois has a lifetime look-back period, and each subsequent offense carries heavier penalties.

When Your Livelihood Depends on Your License

Most driving companies do not permit any DUI infractions on your record. So, whether you are a truck driver, delivery driver, or a transport driver, a DUI is a conviction you cannot afford. It can cost you your livelihood and may even bar you from driving for a living, long after your regular driver’s license has been reinstated. In some cases, this ban could be permanent. Do not take a chance. Fight back against your charges and do all you can to avoid the consequences.

Finding a DUI Attorney for Your Case

If you or someone you love is up against a DUI charge, it is critical that you find a defense attorney who is seasoned and skilled- preferably one with a track record of positive outcomes in their DUI criminal cases. This exactly what you get when you contact Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law. Backed by more than 25 years of experience, our Arlington Heights DUI defense lawyer will take swift and aggressive action to protect your rights and future. Schedule your consultation by calling 847-253-3400 today.



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