Formal and Informal Administrative Hearings After an Illinois DUI

 Posted on January 08,2019 in Driver's License Reinstatement

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There are many consequences you can face after a DUI conviction. Depending on your specific circumstances, you could see hefty fines, jail time and a driver’s license suspension or revocation. If your license is suspended or revoked because of a DUI, you will be required to attend a hearing at the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office in order to apply for a monitoring device driving permit (MDDP), a restricted driving permit (RDP) or a full reinstatement of your driving privileges.

Administrative hearings come in two types: formal and informal. Just like the names sound, a formal hearing is more extensive than an informal hearing. It is important to understand the differences between the two types of hearings so you can be fully prepared when you attend yours with an experienced DUI attorney.

Informal Hearings

If you have not had a previous DUI conviction and your DUI offense did not involve a fatality, you will not have to attend a formal hearing to reinstate your driver’s license, only an informal hearing. These are held on a walk-in basis at certain Driver Services locations and conducted by an informal hearing officer. After the hearing, your hearing officer will submit all of your information to the office in Springfield, which will send you the result of your hearing in the mail.

Formal Hearings

If your DUI charges involved more serious circumstances, you will be required to attend a formal hearing to reinstate your driving privileges. If your DUI charge involved a fatality or you have had multiple DUI charges, you will need to attend a formal hearing. To do this, you must submit a written request for a formal hearing through the mail, along with a $50 non-refundable filing fee. Hearings are held in only four locations in Illinois: Springfield, Chicago, Joliet, and Mt. Vernon. 

Formal hearings are conducted similarly to criminal trials. Your hearing officer will review all of your information to determine whether you will be eligible for driving privileges. You will also have the chance to present testimony and documents to plead your case.

Choose an Arlington Heights, IL Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorney

All DUI charges are serious, and losing your driving privileges can put a lot of stress on you and your family. If your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked because of a DUI charge or conviction, you should immediately contact a Rolling Meadows, IL driver’s license reinstatement lawyer to be by your side during your administrative hearing. Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law has years of experience handling driver’s license reinstatement cases and can help you get the best outcome possible. Call our office today at 847-253-3400 to schedule a free consultation.


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