How Can You Lose Your Driver's License in Illinois?

 Posted on December 17,2018 in Driver's License Reinstatement

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Many people think driving is a right that everyone in the United States should have. In reality, driving is a privilege that can be taken away for a multitude of offenses. 

That is the case in Illinois, where some of the ways you can lose your license may surprise you. If you face a driver’s license suspension from any of these violations, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office will send you a written notice. 

Here are a few ways you can lose your driving privileges:


The most common way Illinoisans lose their license is with a DUI arrest. Illinois has a statutory summary suspension in place, meaning you can lose your license if you fail a chemical test or refuse to submit to one. If you fail a chemical test, you may be subject to a six-month suspension for a first offense or 12 months for subsequent offenses within a five-year period. If you refuse to take a chemical test, you could receive a one-year suspension.

Failure to Appear in Court

If you receive a traffic citation and you do not appear at your hearing as scheduled, you can lose your driving privileges. When you receive a traffic citation, you must take care of it, whether that means showing up in traffic court or paying a fine. A circuit court will issue the license suspension.

Unpaid Parking Tickets

If you have not paid numerous parking violations, your license can be suspended at the request of a parking enforcement authority. Drivers who have been issued 10 or more parking tickets can be subject to this suspension as well and you may be required to pay a reinstatement fee.

Failure to Pay Child Support

Illinois has a program in place to punish parents who do not pay court-ordered child support. Deadbeats Don’t Drive takes action when parents fall three or more months behind on child support payments. Either the court or Department of Healthcare and Family Services can order a driving suspension for parents who have not paid their child support as required.

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You never realize how much you need something until it is gone. This is especially true when it comes to driving privileges. Losing your license can put an unnecessary strain on you and your family. Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law understands how difficult life can be without the ability to drive each day. As an experienced Rolling Meadows, IL driver’s license reinstatement lawyer, he can help get you back behind the wheel. Call 847-253-3400 today to set up a free consultation. 


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