Illinois Budget Crisis May Mean Fewer Roadblocks Over Holiday Weekend, but State Troopers are Still on the Lookout

 Posted on June 26,2017 in DUI

Illinois DUI defense lawyerIf you follow the news, you may know that Illinois is struggling to overcome its budget crisis. You may also know that the Illinois Department of Transportation’s funding for special patrols will expire before the holiday weekend. What you may not know is that this may greatly reduce the number of DUI roadblocks over Independence Day weekend. Still, it is important to know your rights because, per Round Lake Park Police Chief George Filenko, state troopers will still be on the lookout for intoxicated drivers.

Why the Crackdowns Exist

It might seem pretty annoying, having to deal with roadblocks, but the increase in them over holidays and other times of the year are meant to reduce the number of DUI-related crashes. Unfortunately, you can be unlawfully singled out, or you may be asked to complete a sobriety test and end up with a faulty positive for intoxication. To prevent this, it is important that you know your rights, including your right to an attorney.

Sobriety Tests and Implied Consent

Illinois is considered an implied consent state, which essentially means you agree to chemical testing for sobriety. However, implied consent and actual consent are two different things. No one can force you to take a sobriety test. You may face charges, but those charges can be fought against in court. If you believe you may be intoxicated or feel that you are being wrongfully harassed by an office, do your best to stay calm and assert your rights.

Your Right to Due Process

Many drivers charged with a DUI in Illinois simply accept the consequences and then try to move on with their lives. Unfortunately, when the charge is entered as a guilty plea, the lives of individuals are turned upside down. They may lose their driving privileges. Their insurance premiums may increase. Worst of all, they may find themselves with a criminal record, which can impact their work and housing options. Do not let this happen to you. Know that you have the right to due process, which means you are innocent until proven guilty.

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