Incidents of Carjacking on the Rise

 Posted on November 29,2017 in Criminal Law

b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-9.jpgWhile reports of gun violence, the opioid epidemic, and cyber crimes seem to dominate the news these days, occurrences of carjackings are on the rise in northeast Illinois. A violent crime that seems to have evolved from car theft now resembles more of an armed robbery or strongarm robbery.

By The Numbers

Once thought to be confined to high-crime neighborhoods, reports of carjackings are on the uptick in areas throughout Chicago. Since nearly 900 carjacking reports were made in 2007, carjacking reports slowly decreased to about 300 incidents in 2014. However, this type of crime has steadily increased to the point that the number reported through October of this year is nearly equal to all of 2016.

  • 663 carjackings in 2016 was nearly a 100 percent increase over the previous year. 
  • The spike in carjackings accompanies an increase in nearly all categories of crime in the city. 
  • Although the neighborhoods that historically report the most crime have seen an increase in this crime, police are reporting a rise in carjackings taking place in some of the city’s more affluent areas. 
  • Numbers in areas relatively unaffected by this type of crime in the past, such as Wicker Park, Bucktown and Logan Square, have nearly tripled over last year. 

Why the Sudden Increase?

 When cars are stolen from parking lots or off the street, one typically associates that type of crime with those who either sell stolen cars in other states or countries, or that the cars are stripped and sold for their parts. Unfortunately, the violent nature of most carjackings seem to indicate a use far less associated with illegal commerce. 

  • Police do report that some alleged offenders merely are out for a joy ride. 
  • Many vehicles taken in carjackings are often used in other crimes. 
  • Police acknowledge that many vehicles are used in robberies and shootings, then later dumped in secluded areas of the city. 
  • Some authorities suggest the increase is at least partially due to a less aggressive policing strategy employed by some officers.

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