Moving Out of State After Your Illinois Driver’s License Has Been Revoked

 Posted on June 19,2017 in Driver's License Reinstatement

Illinois license reinstatement lawyerIf you are planning on moving but your Illinois driver’s license has been revoked, you may wonder if you will be permitted to drive in the new state. You may also wonder what will happen when it comes to your record. Rest assured that, even if your license has been revoked for a DUI or repeated traffic violations in Illinois, you may still be able to restore your driving privileges.

Restoring Your Illinois License

One option you may have is to try and restore your Illinois driver’s license. To do this, you would need to undergo a hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State. While you do not need an attorney to complete this process, it is highly advised that you hire one. One misstep in the process could cause lengthy delays or could result in a denial of your request.

Obtaining a License in a New State

Most states practice reciprocal access to your driving record, which means it is unlikely that you will be given a license if it is currently revoked in another state. Even if you do manage to obtain a license in another state while your Illinois license is revoked, the state could eventually revoke or suspend your new license. You can try to avoid this situation by undergoing a hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State prior to moving and applying for a new license in another state.

Dealing with Your Previous Record

Reinstating your driver’s license can restore your right to drive, but it does not necessarily remove the charges from your criminal record. That means potential employers and landlords can look up your record, which could limit your opportunities for employment and housing. Thankfully, it may be possible to seal or expunge your record.

Sealing or expunging your record keeps most people from seeing your record. Keep in mind that certain types of employers (i.e. government jobs, jobs that require you to work with vulnerable members of society, healthcare jobs, etc.) may still have access to your record. In addition, law enforcement and the justice system can request access to your record; this may happen if you are ever caught on another offense.

Gain Experienced Assistance with Your Case

Whether you need to reinstate your license in Illinois, ensure your new license is not affected by a revocation in Illinois, or would like to seal or expunge your records, contact Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law. Backed by over 25 years of experience, our Arlington Heights criminal defense lawyer can assist you with the process. No matter what the situation, we aggressively pursue the most favorable outcome possible. Schedule a personalized consultation to learn more. Call 847-253-3400 today.


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