Police Using Various Tools to Identify and Slow Speeders

 Posted on March 31,2018 in Traffic Violations

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_337245230.jpgIt is likely that anyone who has driven in Illinois at one time or another looked into the rearview mirror and saw the flashing lights of a police car. If you have the habit of driving in excess of the speed limit, there may be a time when police will pull you over and write you a citation. In an effort to catch more speeding drivers and make the roads safer, police use a variety of tools and techniques to help them identify those violating posted speed limits.

Work-Zone Speeding

  • Police have increased their efforts in construction zones in an effort to protect the safety of workers.
  • Deployment of highly-visible photo enforcement vans plays a dual role in combating speeders. These tools help law enforcement identify speeding vehicles for issuing tickets, and the high visibility of such a van encourages others to slow down in construction zones.
  • The Illinois State Police are using federal grant money to hire more officers to help monitor construction zones. They feel the mere presence of a patrol vehicle often provides the necessary incentive for most drivers to slow down.

Roadside Speeder Identification

  • The Radar Gun transmit radio waves off a target vehicle. The rate of return of those waves is read and interpreted by the unit to determine the speed of the vehicle.
  • The Laser Gun, which came into greater use within the past 10 years, is said to be more effective in pinpointing a specific vehicle with a concentrated beam of light. The rate of return of that beam is measured to determine the speed of the target vehicle.
  • Aerial detection is used in certain areas. This involves a spotter plane or a helicopter timing the rate of vehicles as they pass a specifically marked area on the roadway. The aerial unit then conveys to officers on the ground vehicle details and pertinent information.

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