Facing Sexual Assault Charges in Illinois? Here is What You Need to Know

 Posted on September 05,2016 in Sex Crimes

Arlington Heights IL sex crimes defense lawyerWhile almost any criminal charge can have a serious and negative impact on your life and future, those that arise from sexual assault allegations can be especially devastating. Now, instead of just having your job, freedom, and finances on the line, your reputation – and where you fit into your community – could be jeopardized. Moving will not fix anything either since a conviction for one of these crimes tend to follow you everywhere you go. If you are facing a sexual assault charge, understand what is at stake, and what you can do to avoid the negative consequences of conviction.

Majority of Sexual Assault Crimes Are Charged as Felonies

While not all sexual assault crimes are considered felonies, a large percentage of them are. This means that consequences of conviction could be greater. You may be sentenced to a year or longer in prison and you may be forced to undergo onerous supervision once you are released. The felony conviction on your record could also limit your employment and housing opportunities, making it difficult for you to support yourself or your family once you are released.

Sexual Assault Convictions and the Sex Offender Registry

Most convicted sexual assault offenders must register with the state’s sexual offender registry. A penalty, in and of itself, this could drastically damage your reputation. You could be restricted from residing near schools. Neighbors may be notified every time you move into a new community. In fact, even if you move to another state, you must enlist with that state’s registry. You cannot escape it, or the effects that registering will have on your life, unless you manage to escape conviction.

Aggressive Defense for Your Sexual Assault Charge

If you are facing a sexual assault charge, do not face it alone! The risks to your life and future are far too great. Instead, you should seek the assistance of a skilled and aggressive defense lawyer. Able to ensure your rights are protected, they can help you by searching for any and all reasonable doubt in your case. An attorney can also work to craft a solid defense that improves your chances of a favorable outcome.

Backed by more than 25 years of experience, Scott F. Anderson, Attorney at Law, will fight to protect your future. Dedicated to your best interests, our Arlington Heights, IL criminal defense lawyer will work diligently to build you a solid defense. At every turn, we will safeguard your Constitutional rights. Schedule your consultation by calling 847-253-3400 today.



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