Should I Talk to Friends and Family About My Criminal Case?

 Posted on June 27,2023 in Criminal Law

IL defense lawyerMany people may feel inclined to reach out to their friends and family members for support and guidance when confronted with a criminal case. While it is not illegal to talk about your case with loved ones, it is important to exercise caution when doing so. If you are facing criminal charges, contacting a defense attorney is the wisest thing you can do, as they will provide you with the legal guidance you need to pursue a positive case outcome.

What to Keep in Mind During This Time

Here are some factors to consider before discussing your criminal case with friends or family:

  • Privileged communications – The privilege of keeping communications confidential or secret applies in different circumstances, such as with your attorney, spouse, and legally recognized healthcare professionals. Communications with friends and family members typically do not offer the same level of protection. Friends and family are not automatically protected under the privileges recognized by the courts. Therefore, if they are asked under oath to give evidence about communications they have received from you, they may be required to disclose what you told them. If the communications between you and your family or friends are disclosed as evidence, it could potentially harm your case.
  • Potential for misinterpretation or rumors – Unfortunately, some people can be unreliable and careless with sensitive information. Even if you trust your friends and family, there is always the possibility of things being misinterpreted or taken out of context. While rumors or gossip may not directly affect the outcome of your case, spreading such information will likely make the entire situation more unpleasant than it already is, possibly affecting your mental health.
  • Influence from others – Discussing your case with friends and family could potentially lead to outside pressure regarding certain decisions you make during the legal process. This could cloud your judgment, making it harder to act in your own best interests.

Overall, there are a few circumstances where it may be beneficial to talk with friends or family members about your situation, such as if you are seeking emotional support or advice from people who have relevant knowledge and experience. However, it is generally recommended to consult with only your attorney about the factual matters and details of the case.

Contact an Arlington Heights Criminal Defense Attorney

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