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b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_566889343.jpgIn the event you, a friend, or family member is detained for suspicion of theft, it is important to understand the variables that might impact how law enforcement and prosecution might consider proceeding. Having a basic understanding of theft laws in this state might be of an advantage.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

In general, grand theft is a more serious charge than petty theft—usually applicable when a person is alleged to have stolen money or property of a higher value.  In most states, grand theft is a felony and petty theft is a misdemeanor. In Illinois, a defendant can face an array of charges depending on the value of what is taken and the circumstances surrounding the incident. Classifications include:


Arlington Heights theft crimes defense lawyer, criminal behavior, gambling, gambling addiction, theft crimes, selling stolen property, common criminal offenses, addictionThe notion of gambling and crime going hand in hand is age old, and although many convey gambling with images of mobsters from the 1920’s or illegal moonshine distilleries, this is not the reality of the matter in today’s world.

Today, gambling is an addiction on an epidemic scale. It is no different than any other addiction, and the need to satisfy a craving can make a person resort to drastic measures when desperate. In many cases, this desperation can result in serious criminal charges carrying jail sentences and steep fines.

Studies have shown that around half of all gamblers also commit crimes of varying degrees.