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b2ap3_thumbnail_Untitled-design-15.jpgUsing cell phone records to track a suspect’s movement and activity is a frequent technique used by law enforcement when conducting a criminal investigation. However, change appears to be on the horizon as members of the United States Supreme Court seem to indicate that prolonged cell phone tracking without a warrant amounts to an unreasonable search and violates an alleged defendant’s right to privacy.

What Has Changed?

A previous Supreme Court ruling indicated that citizens could expect no privacy from making calls from a landline or for checks they wrote on a bank account; it is widely known and expected that calls or transactions for these are kept for a number of business purposes. This latest challenge seems to indicate a shift from that position.


Arlington Heights theft crimes defense lawyer, criminal behavior, gambling, gambling addiction, theft crimes, selling stolen property, common criminal offenses, addictionThe notion of gambling and crime going hand in hand is age old, and although many convey gambling with images of mobsters from the 1920’s or illegal moonshine distilleries, this is not the reality of the matter in today’s world.

Today, gambling is an addiction on an epidemic scale. It is no different than any other addiction, and the need to satisfy a craving can make a person resort to drastic measures when desperate. In many cases, this desperation can result in serious criminal charges carrying jail sentences and steep fines.

Studies have shown that around half of all gamblers also commit crimes of varying degrees.