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arlington-heights-criminal-defense-lawyerImages from video cameras are often used to help identify criminal suspects. However, more and more law enforcement agencies are beginning to install cameras, sometimes voluntarily and sometimes due to public pressure, in vehicles and on the bodies of sworn officers. This video footage is often used by criminal defense attorneys to help their clients fight against criminal charges

Pros and Cons of the Police Body Camera

The common belief is that the presence of video cameras, whether on a law enforcement vehicle dashboard or on the vest of a police officer, would reduce complaints of police misconduct or abuse. Furthermore, it is expected that video recordings of arrests would provide courts with details on the interactions between police and the citizens they encounter. However, different sides continue debating the pros and cons of police using body cameras.


Cook County criminal defense attorneyWhen facing criminal charges, you may be eligible for bail. This may give you the opportunity to spend time with family, work, and handle personal matters outside of police custody while you are awaiting trial for your charges. However, it is important to understand that bail is different for each case and situation. Furthermore, not everyone is eligible. Understand what bail is, how it works, how the amount is determined, and whether or not you may be eligible for bail in Cook County.

What is a Bail Bond?

Bail is an amount of money, set by a judge and paid to the courts, and the bond acts as a sort of collateral. By paying it, you are giving up something to be released from custody and are more likely to follow the rules to ensure the bond is not forfeited. These rules include not leaving the state of Illinois, appearing at all court hearings, not possessing a firearm or dangerous weapon, and not committing any further crimes while on release. In some cases, you may also be restricted from contacting the defendant (i.e. domestic battery cases).

victims rights, rights of the accused, Illinois criminal defense attorneyGovernor Bruce Rauner recently signed HB 1121, the Crime Victim’s Bill of Rights. What are some important rights that defendants have in a criminal case?

The founder of Marsy's Law for All proclaimed that the measure gives alleged crime victims "a much stronger voice in the Illinois criminal justice system." This law follows up on a Constitutional amendment that voters adopted in November 2014. Among other provisions, Illinois’ version of Marsy’s Law requires prosecutors to keep alleged crime victims informed of a case’s progress, gives victims the right to be present at plea hearings, and clearly delineates victims’ rights.

California passed the first Marsy’s Law in 2008, and that measure is arguably the strongest victims’ rights provision in the United States