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Illinois DUI defense lawyerIf you follow the news, you may know that Illinois is struggling to overcome its budget crisis. You may also know that the Illinois Department of Transportation’s funding for special patrols will expire before the holiday weekend. What you may not know is that this may greatly reduce the number of DUI roadblocks over Independence Day weekend. Still, it is important to know your rights because, per Round Lake Park Police Chief George Filenko, state troopers will still be on the lookout for intoxicated drivers.

Why the Crackdowns Exist

It might seem pretty annoying, having to deal with roadblocks, but the increase in them over holidays and other times of the year are meant to reduce the number of DUI-related crashes. Unfortunately, you can be unlawfully singled out, or you may be asked to complete a sobriety test and end up with a faulty positive for intoxication. To prevent this, it is important that you know your rights, including your right to an attorney.


Illinois DUI defense lawyerIf you have never been charged with a DUI, the experience of being arrested was likely traumatizing. Unfortunately, the process is not yet complete. Instead, you must deal with the after effects – the charges and their consequences. What can you expect? Hopefully, a dismissal of your case, which may be possible if you take a proactive approach to your case.

Facing the Charges Head On

No matter how much you might want the recent arrest to be nothing more than a horrible nightmare, the truth is that the charges will not disappear on their own. You must fight against them and prove that you were not intoxicated above the legal limit, or that the arrest was otherwise wrongful or unwarranted. It is highly recommended that you seek assistance from an experienced attorney. Not only can they ensure your rights are upheld throughout the process, they are also well-versed in the DUI laws and police procedures. This knowledge alone could potentially impact the outcome of your case.


Arlington Heights DUI defense lawyersThe holidays are just around the corner. There will be turkey and stuffing, family and friends, spiked eggnog and wine. To keep everyone safe, there will also be DUI checkpoints. Able to put you or someone you love in jail when you should be spending time together, these calculated stops to check for intoxicated drivers are the thorn of the holiday season. The following information can help you avoid this frightening and unfortunate fate this year.

Are DUI Checkpoints Constitutional?

One of the most common questions asked about DUI checkpoints is whether they are considered Constitutional or not. After all, at first glance, it appears that they directly violate the Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. However, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled otherwise. DUI checkpoint stops remain Constitutional if they are conducted legally and not done arbitrarily, or for purposes other than those pertaining to government (i.e. keeping the roads safe). It is also important to note that they may not violate any other rights of citizens.


Illinois DUI Defense AttorneyGetting arrested for a DUI is more than just inconvenient. It can upheave your life. It can lead to jail time, driving restrictions, and significant fines. It can also ruin your reputation and lead to a conviction on your criminal record. Naperville also happens to be one of the top ten places in Illinois where one of these arrests can happen. Thankfully, our DUI defense attorneys can help protect you from the potential consequences of a DUI charge.

Study Finds Naperville to Be the Top Ten for DUI Arrests

Conducted by the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists, a recent study examined DUI arrest statistics dating all the way back to 1990. Naperville, which was found to be in the top 10, saw a slight decrease in DUI arrests (less than five percent). However, it still ranked as fourth for Illinois DUI arrests. Other cities that landed in the top 10 included Aurora, Elgin, Decautur, Bloomington, Rock Island, and Lombard.


DUI checkpoints, Illinois DUI defense lawyer, traffic stops, DUI defense lawyer, drunk driving, Scott F. AndersonOver the last decade, the Department of Transportation and other government-funded organizations have tested various ways to prevent drunk driving. One of the most successful tactics is using DUI checkpoints, especially during the holidays.

Most Americans are aware that drunk driving is dangerous, and the fact that law enforcement cracks down during certain seasons has become common knowledge. This is more than a scare tactic; it aims to protect the surge of drivers who travel during the holidays.

Unfortunately, many honest people miscalculate their consumption and end up charged with driving under the influence. If you approach a DUI checkpoint and are not sure if you are over the legal limit, the following tips may prove helpful.