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Rolling Meadows, IL criminal defense attorney embezzlement

When you think of crime in general, you likely think of weapons, drugs, or violence. However, there are many other behaviors and actions that also constitute criminal activity. While-collar crime, for example, is not typically a violent or destructive type of crime, but it is still considered unlawful activity and encompasses behaviors such as fraud and embezzlement. In the state of Illinois, white-collar crimes such as embezzlement are taken rather seriously and can carry severe and unfavorable consequences if you are convicted. White-collar crimes can often get complicated, which is why it would be smart to hire a skilled Illinois criminal defense lawyer. 

Embezzlement Laws and Consequences

In the simplest terms, embezzlement occurs when a person misappropriates or fraudulently takes the personal property owned and entrusted to him or her by another person. The most common form of embezzlement is the misappropriation of money, but there are various types. This property can be either tangible or intangible property. Tangible property may include jewelry and vehicles, while intangible property could be money, stocks, and bonds.


Illinois defense lawyerBeing accused of embezzlement does not only threatens a person’s reputation and career but also their freedom. Embezzlement occurs when someone who was legally given access to property intentionally uses that property in an unlawful way.

Attempting to Prove Embezzlement

Embezzlement can occur for different forms of property, including: