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Arlington Heights murder defense attorneyDuring normal conversation, words that have more than one meaning are often used interchangeably, such as robbery, theft, and burglary. In general, these words mean the same thing, but in a court of law, they all have very different meanings. The same goes for homicide, murder, and manslaughter - they tend to have a similar meaning in everyday life, but they all have different definitions and carry very different sentencing terms when used in a legal setting. A person who is charged with first-degree murder will be facing much more serious consequences than a person who is charged with involuntary manslaughter.


When you are talking about homicide in a law setting, it simply just means the act of one person killing another person, which may or may not be illegal, depending on the circumstances. For example, if you use deadly force against someone because they attempted to commit a forcible felony (like robbing your home or committing an assault), your actions may not technically be illegal because of Illinois laws regarding justifiable use of force.


Murder is the term that is used when an unjustified killing is committed. It is broken down into degrees:


homicide, drug-induced homicide, Illinois Criminal Defense LawyerThere is a heroin epidemic that is gripping the nation, and Illinois has been as deeply affected by it as any other state. Some Illinois officials are saying the epidemic should be labeled a "medical emergency," with over 1,000 lives lost over the last three years. One county has seen a 200 percent increase in heroin overdoses in a four year period.

With so many people dying from drugs, a previously rarely-used law now appears to be gaining popularity among law enforcement and prosecutors, leaving many to question just how is this new legal trend helping those that need it the most – the addicts.

The provision under Illinois law regarding drug-induced homicide allows for the prosecution of anyone who delivers a drug to another individual if individual ends up dying from the use of that drug. The original intent of the law was to create an additional avenue of prosecution against drug dealers; however, there are several different legal interpretations of what "delivery" of the drug means. There does not have to be an exchange of currency or other item that would constitute a sale of the drug. One person simply handing the other person the drug – such as two friends who are doing the drugs together – constitutes a delivery under the law.