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Illinois criminal defense lawyerCommunity service can serve as a viable alternative to more serious criminal consequences. However, one must be willing to meet all the requirements of their community service conditions. Failure to do so can invalidate the agreement and may ultimately result in a default on your charges. Learn more about fulfilling your community service requirements, and what you can do if you experience any troubles along the way.

Where to Complete Your Community Service

Valid community service hours can only be completed at non-profit organizations. Further, the organization must be willing to accept you as a volunteer; this can often be the most challenging and frustrating aspect of completing your community service requirements. Not every location will have an opening, some have set limits on the number of hours that they accept volunteers, and there may be additional restrictions on where you can volunteer. A few places to look might include:


Illinois criminal defense lawyerDriving under the influence is a serious offense in Illinois, and it carries the risk of severe penalty. Being involved in an accident while under the influence can increase the severity of those penalties. Yet this aggravating factor is pale in comparison to what could happen if you leave the scene of that accident (otherwise known as a hit-and-run accident). If you or someone you love is facing such charges, the following can help you understand what the potential consequences might be. It also explains how you may be able to mitigate them.

Hit-and-Run Property Damage Accidents

If you are in an accident that causes damage to he property of another and you then leave the scene without providing aid to the property owner or, at the very least, reporting the incident, you could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor. The Secretary of State may also suspend your license if the property damage exceeds $1,000. Depending on the situation, you may also be subject to additional charges related to your DUI. If, for example, you were caught on camera driving in a reckless or erratic manner, the prosecution may file additional charges against you.


Arlington Heights criminal defense attorneyDomestic battery is considered a serious offense in the state of Illinois. This is due, in part, to the awareness and movements associated with domestic violence prevention. What do you do, though, when the allegations against you are completely false? Are you even at risk if you are truly innocent? It may seem that the obvious answer is no, you are not at risk if you have not done anything wrong. Yet this is not always the case. The following information explains further.

Divorce and Child-Related Matters Often a Catalyst for False Allegations

While not always the case, child-related matters and divorce often serve as a catalyst for false allegations of domestic battery. It may be a ploy to increase the accusing party’s portion of the divorce settlement, or it could be an attempt to gain more rights to a shared child. Alternatively, there may be no reason outside of wanting to make the other person “pay” for wanting a divorce. Such acts of retribution, revenge, or manipulation might seem easy to disprove, but this can be a slippery slope for the wrongly accused.


medical marijuana, illinois law, Arlington Heights criminal defense attorneyIt has taken two years, but the state’s medical marijuana program finally got underway this month when six medical marijuana stores opened their doors. The four-year pilot program is expected to eventually have approximately 60 medical marijuana dispensaries to service the anticipated 100,000 people who will be approved. Currently, however, the state has only issued 3,300 medical marijuana cards.

There are stringent rules for medical marijuana stores under which they must operate. These establishments are required to be a minimum of 1,000 feet from any daycare centers or school zones. As a result, many of the stores are actually located in industrial parks.

Employees of the stores are referred to as "bud tenders" and they work with patients to determine which type of cannabis will be the right one for the patient’s symptoms. There are two types – indica and sativa. Indica creates a relaxing effect on its user and is a better sleep aid and pain reliever than sativa. Sativa provides more of an energetic and euphoric feeling.


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dueAccording to the United States Constitution, every citizen has the right of due process. In fact, the right of due process is contained in two of the amendments in the Bill of Rights.

Under the Fifth Amendment, it is written that no person shall be "deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law." This amendment addresses a person’s rights under federal law. In addition to due process, it also gives a person the right to protect themselves against self-incrimination; it protects a person from double jeopardy – being tried more a second time once a person has been found not guilty;

The Fourteenth Amendment uses those same words to describe the Due Process Clause. This amendment addresses a person’s rights under state law. It basically guarantees that everyone has equal protections under the law. Specifically, it forbids states to segregate schools or engage in any other discriminatory practices.