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multiple DUI, Illinois criminal defense attorneyNew laws that were implemented at the beginning of 2016 could place more drivers with convictions for driving under the influence (DUI) back on the road. However, it should be noted that continued DUI charges can still result in subsequent punishment, including long-term imprisonment. In fact, one woman recently received a 13-year sentence after being convicted of her fifth and sixth charges of driving under the influence. Stay safe, prevent further DUIs, and know what to do if you are arrested again to protect yourself from similar consequences.

Follow All Former DUI Orders

If you have already received a DUI conviction, it is critical that you follow all orders given. This can include everything from fines and community service to the completion of a drug and alcohol program or use of an interlock device on your vehicle once your license is reinstated. Compliance can ensure you keep your license, and not attempting to drive illegally can prevent further penalties.


government-force-you-to-testifyAt the beginning of January in Cook County, according to ABC Local News, the "sheriff’s office is conducting a sweep for people with DUI arrests who failed to appear in court or meet court-ordered obligations." Each year in Cook County, ABC Local reports, there are more than 600 criminal warrants in drunk driving. Due to budgetary constraints, time, and lack of available police resources, it’s difficult to continue to track DUI offenders after they’ve received their sentencing. "The mission [at the beginning of January] has been to whittle down that number and get repeat offenders off the street," reports ABC Local.

According to the 2013 Illinois DUI Fact Book, a publication from the office of the Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, about 15 percent of all drivers arrested for DUI are repeat offenders. This is a scary statistic, when considering that "323 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes," a full 35 percent of total crash fatalities in the state. "Males ages 21–24 had the highest DUI arrest rate," the Fact Book reports, "about 17 per 1,000 licensed drivers."

According to the State of Illinois Circuit Court of Cook County, the Social Service Department is the state-designated agency that supervises and provides "services to defendants who are placed on supervision or are found guilty of Driving Under the Influence." Research has shown, the Court states, that handing down a punishment isn’t enough to ensure that people don’t become repeat DUI offenders—that "court intervention with the DUI offender is essential for long term and effective containment of the problem of drinking and driving."