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police, dui, Illinois criminal defense attorneyWe are in the middle of the holiday season, and that often means more drivers on the roads. It also means office parties, family get-togethers, and special events that can amp up our propensity to drink, speed, or attempt to do too much all at once. Illinois State Police officers are encouraging everyone to stay safe, think twice, and avoid the fatal four moving violations: drinking and driving, speeding, forgetting seatbelts, and being a distracted driver.

Drinking and Driving (DUI)

It is difficult to find a holiday event without some form of alcohol. State officers expect and understand as much. What they will not allow is for you to have a few drinks and then get behind the wheel of a car – not without giving you a moving violation for driving while under the influence.


Arlington Heights Criminal Lawyer, Chicago drunk driving, curb drunk driving, DUI, DWI, safe driving, driving technology, squad car cameras, Naperville DUISummertime allows people to head outside and enjoy the weather, as well as all the free activities offered in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Drunk driving may seem like a problem more endemic to crime-ridden urban centers, but according to the Chicago Tribune, this summer season all police eyes are on the suburbs. Naperville’s arrest record for DUIs was the second highest number of drunk driving arrests outside of the City of Chicago in the state of Illinois, reports the Tribune. Police do not expect this to change any time soon, and will adjust their patrolling accordingly in such suburban areas, especially over holiday weekends like the one that just passed.

Rockford, Illinois has long topped the Illinois state list for drunk driving arrests in Chicago suburbs, with 556 DUI arrests in 2013. Naperville, according to the Tribune, recorded 553 DUI arrests in the same time period.

In an effort to curb drunk driving in Naperville, police chief Bob Marshall told the Tribune that local forces were trying a two-pronged approach: arresting those driving impaired and also attempting to prevent drunk driving with initiatives at local bars and restaurants. Marshall also told the Tribune that the squad car cameras recently installed in Naperville police cars would "help the city prosecute DUI cases."