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multiple DUI, Illinois criminal defense attorneyNew laws that were implemented at the beginning of 2016 could place more drivers with convictions for driving under the influence (DUI) back on the road. However, it should be noted that continued DUI charges can still result in subsequent punishment, including long-term imprisonment. In fact, one woman recently received a 13-year sentence after being convicted of her fifth and sixth charges of driving under the influence. Stay safe, prevent further DUIs, and know what to do if you are arrested again to protect yourself from similar consequences.

Follow All Former DUI Orders

If you have already received a DUI conviction, it is critical that you follow all orders given. This can include everything from fines and community service to the completion of a drug and alcohol program or use of an interlock device on your vehicle once your license is reinstated. Compliance can ensure you keep your license, and not attempting to drive illegally can prevent further penalties.


misdemeanor, felony, Arlington Heights Criminal Defense LawyerNo matter how minor or major the charges, nobody wants to face the consequences of breaking the law. Unfortunately, people make mistakes that can lead to serious charges.

One way to ease some of the anxiety is to understand the laws that relate to your case. Many people are unsure about the differences between the two main categories of criminal offenses: misdemeanors and felonies. The category under which your offense falls will almost certainly affect the potential severity of your penalties. Knowing what constitutes each can give you a clearer picture of whatever legal situation you may be facing.

Understanding Misdemeanors