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b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_12763357.jpgMany drivers consider road construction a major inconvenience because it slows traffic and makes getting around much more difficult for them. However, it is important to drive with great care when entering and traveling through construction areas as penalties for speeding and other infractions in work zones are much more severe.

Know the Rules of the Road … That Are under Construction

Illinois added more severe penalties to construction zone traffic violations in response to an increase in accidents that resulted in injuries to and the deaths of construction workers. Drivers should be aware of the following to ensure they understand the all that construction zone driving requires.


Arlington Heights criminal defense attorneyUnder Illinois state law, there are numerous traffic violations. Disobey any one of them and you become at risk for a traffic violation. Unbeknownst to many, it is possible to fight most traffic violations, but is fighting you latest one really worth the trouble? The following information can help you decide.

Did You Actually Violate the Law?

Interestingly, most police officers do not actually know the exact wording of the law. As such, they may write you a ticket for a violation that you did not actually commit. This does not necessarily mean that you did not violate the law; it really only means that the exact wording of the violation does not quite encompass your behavior. If, for example, you were ticketed because you slowed but did not fully stop at a stop sign, you may be able to contest the ticket if no other vehicles were at the intersection.


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stops, evidence, Arlington Heights criminal defense attorneyA federal judge in neighboring Iowa recently upheld an officer’s stop in a drug case, even though the defendant was travelling a mere 1mph above the speed limit and the officers admitted that the stop was only a pretext for arrest. Fortunately, the case is not yet binding precedent in Illinois.

The Case

In United States v. Fuehrer, deputy sheriffs in Dubuque had been essentially spying on the defendant for quite some time. When they learned that he would be travelling along Highway 151, the deputies set up a radar speed trap; one of them clocked the defendant at 66mph in a 65mph zone. Probably because it had been pre-arranged, a drug-sniffing dog was on the scene a mere two minutes after the flashing lights appeared. The dog detected methamphetamines, the defendant was arrested for possession of drugs, and his lawyer filed a motion to suppress the evidence.


DUI checkpoints, Illinois DUI defense lawyer, traffic stops, DUI defense lawyer, drunk driving, Scott F. AndersonOver the last decade, the Department of Transportation and other government-funded organizations have tested various ways to prevent drunk driving. One of the most successful tactics is using DUI checkpoints, especially during the holidays.

Most Americans are aware that drunk driving is dangerous, and the fact that law enforcement cracks down during certain seasons has become common knowledge. This is more than a scare tactic; it aims to protect the surge of drivers who travel during the holidays.

Unfortunately, many honest people miscalculate their consumption and end up charged with driving under the influence. If you approach a DUI checkpoint and are not sure if you are over the legal limit, the following tips may prove helpful.