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In recent months, police officers have been placed under extreme scrutiny for the way that they treat civilians, specifically, people of color. Across the country, protests and marches have been taking place since late May in response to the death of George Floyd, an African American man who was killed during an arrest when an officer knelt on his windpipe for eight minutes. Though each police department has its own rules, there are certain regulations that all officers must abide by. Unfortunately, not all police officers are good people who follow the rules, resulting in illegal arrests, unlawful actions toward the suspect, and in extreme cases, death. The United States Constitution provides many of these rights if you have been arrested for a crime. It is important that you understand these rights, as they can be a useful tool when defending your criminal case.

Understanding Your Miranda Rights

If you have ever watched TV shows or movies that deal with police officers or the criminal justice system, you may have heard the term “Miranda rights” before. These are rights that are legally required to be read to you before you are interrogated or questioned so the officers are aware that you understand your rights and the consequences of ignoring them. Typically, an officer will relay these Miranda rights to a suspect in a similar format during or after an arrest:


anonymous tip, Arlington Heights criminal defense attorney, constitutional rights, execute a traffic stop, illegal search and seizure, Justice Anthony Scalia, Justice Clarence Thomas, unlawful search and seizureThe U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that police can stop a vehicle and do a search based on an anonymous tip called into 911.

The case, which went before the Court, was a California incident that occurred in 2008. A woman called 911 and reported of a pickup truck which had just run her off the road. She told the dispatch the location of the incident and provided a description of the truck, as well as its license plate number. The woman did not provide her name or any other identifying information.

Shortly after the call was received, police spotted the truck and followed it for five minutes. During that time, the driver’s handling of the vehicle was faultless. Police pulled over the truck anyway. As officers approached the vehicle, they smelled marijuana. A search of the vehicle revealed it contained 30 pounds of marijuana and the driver was arrested.